Summer Camp at Small Pockets Tea Room in Dallas

Need a fun and life changing camp this summer for your kids? 

Send them to a Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners Camp at 

SMALL POCKETS TEA ROOM, 12300 Inwood Road, Suite 160; 75244. 

Monday – Thursday, June 22-25, 10:00-1:00

       Ages 5-11     $180.00 per student 

Each child will receive a goodie bag with a “Set the Table” placemat, story book, workbook, and more. 

Please send a healthy lunch with a bottled water, and disposable napkin. 

Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners has taught thousands of children social etiquette since 2003. 

We incorporate role-play, engaging workbooks, and storybooks in our fun, interactive lessons!

Lesson Objectives Include: Meeting and Greeting, Respect, How to Set the Table, Spectator, Table Manners, Sportsmanship, Public Ceremonies, Restaurants, Car and Carpool, Conversations, Travel, Airplanes, Get Organized at Home and School, School, (School) Bus, and more. 

Themes of the Week: How to Set the Table and Good Guest/Good Host

The themes this week at Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners is Table Setting and Good Guest and Good Host.

Knowing how to set a table at any age is important. If you put everything in the correct place, then having good table manners will be a lot easier. A lot of people never learned how to set the table, or learned to set it incorrectly. Above is a diagram of a simple correct table setting.

Being a good guest and good host is also important. If you set a good example for your children by doing all of the right things when you have people to your home, or go to someone’s house, then it should come easily for your children when it is their turn to entertain. You can always find a discrete way to correct your child’s behavior (or someone else’s child’s behavior) in these situations. Consistency in discussing the right way to host someone, or be hosted, is the key.

Ask your child to show you how he/she can set a table!
Above is a diagram of a simple place setting. Ask your child to set the table as often as possible.
Tip: Even if you do not have the whole family together for dinner, sit down together with the family members that are at home, even if it is just one adult, and one child.

Ask your child the following questions about being a good guest, and a good host:

What are the three things that we should remember when we have a guest come over?
o Invite the person to come in.
o Ask the person to have a seat, or lead them to where you would like to entertain them.
o Ask the person if he would like something to drink.

What are some things that we should remember when we are a guest at someone’s house?
o Knock or ring the doorbell once, and be patient while your host gets to the door.
o Wait to be invited inside. Never barge in.
o Do not walk around the house on your own. Wait until your host tells you where to go.
o When it is time to leave, clean up, and thank your hosts.