Will your children have good manners while Traveling on Spring Break?

This week at Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners classes, our theme was Airplanes and Travel Manners. 

Last week when I was traveling, I encountered a very rude man on my row on my airplane flight. He was sitting on the aisle, and I was at the window. When I was reading, he reached over me to shut the window. Then when I was trying to sleep, he opened the window. And he took off his sandals, and had bare feet the whole flight.

Unfortunately you cannot control other adults unrelated to you, but you can help your children with their airplane manners!

To ensure that your young children know their good Airplane and Travel manners, start a conversation by asking them the following questions:

Ask your child the following questions about Airplanes:

● Should you have an extra quiet voice on an airplane?  Why or why not?

● Can you get up anytime and move around?

● Name some good activities on an airplane.


Ask your children about having good manners when they Travel: 

● What do we say to our parents before and after a vacation?   Thank you for taking me on vacation.

● Is it okay to fight with our brothers and sisters on a trip?

● When traveling, should we have our things all over our room, or nice and neat?

● Is it okay to do our own thing, or should we stay close to our parents or group at all times?


Have a safe and fun Spring Break! Hoping your children (of any ages) uses his/her good Airplane and Travel manners!